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USConnectMe, our innovative new loyalty and rewards program, is offered in conjunction with our nationwide cashless payment system. Developed by USConnect®, this industry-leading program revolutionizes corporate food service.

Some of the benefits your employees will enjoy with the USConnectMe program include:

  • the opportunity to pre-load a balance onto their USConnectMe account. (Our cashless payment system accepts debit and credit cards in addition to prepaid USConnectMe cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and payments through our mobile app.)
  • special offers and promotions on snacks, beverages, and food in the machines and in our Bistro to Go!® micro market kiosks.
  • loyalty reward points, which accumulate on their purchases.
  • benefits that follow them wherever they go!
  • the opportunity to use their accounts at any of our points of sale nationwide.
  • the ability to easily keep track of points and available offers online, via email, or mobile app. (Employees can view transaction history and reward point balances, as well as redeeming loyalty points and accessing instant promotions.)
  • the ability to designate the user's charity of choice to receive 1.5% of every loyalty purchase made

Private Label and Service Options

In addition to our revolutionary program and services, the USConnectMe program can be private labeled to extend your brand in the workplace. Further, additional services can be incorporated into the program. Our clients utilize our technology to provide payroll deduction services, access to buildings, fitness centers, parking garages, and for employee scheduling of convenience services such as car detailing, laundry service—even purchases at the local farmers′ market.

Contact USConnect® today to get started with our loyalty, rewards, and promotional program. The future of vending is here, and we’re ready to help you enjoy it!

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