Members of USConnect® operate according to the national guidelines developed by our organization, which helps us insure consistency of quality and service to our national accounts. As such, membership is not open, but is extended by invitation to select independent food service operators.

Qualifications for Membership

Companies who are a good prospect for membership in our organization meet (or are open to meeting) the following:

  • interest in implementing wireless telemetry/cashless technology.
  • implementing the USConnectMe loyalty program to clients.
  • able to service national accounts in their area.
  • demonstrated industry/market leadership.
  • open to full transparency (open books and participation in benchmarking).
  • willingness to adopt and adhere to the USConnect® service and quality standards.
  • operate in an available geographic region.

While we are familiar with many independent operators within the industry, there are always great firms we may not be aware of. USConnect® members may recommend prospective members they feel would be good candidates. In addition, prospective members who meet the qualifications may request consideration for membership.