USConnect® is ready to energize your associates with workplace food service options that make them feel valued, support a healthy lifestyle, and offer a diversity of fresh, delicious choices throughout the day. Our comprehensive corporate food service, available to serve all your locations nationwide, includes customized dining, corporate catering, full service vending, office refreshments and coffee service, and unattended micro markets (provided through our “Bistro to Go!™” enabled kiosks).

Customized Dining

USConnect®′s super fresh, chef-designed signature dishes bring workplace meals to life. Our dietitian-developed menus provide a wide selection of dining choices, all prepared with the highest quality fresh foods. Carefully developed menus include regional, ethnic and international cuisines, along with the ability to customize selections to accommodate special dietary needs. Further, our professional management team is focused on insuring that you maximize your return on investment, while transforming your corporate cafeteria into a dining destination.

Full Service Vending

Fresh food vending selections, like chef salads, deli-style subs and artisan sandwiches await your employees. Not only are our vending machines stocked with healthy, satisfying food choices, but they feature the very latest vending machine technologies available, taking workplace convenience to a whole new level. Whether seeking a full meal or a light snack, when your employees visit our state-of-the-art vending areas, you can be sure you’re providing them with:

  • fresh foods in stock at all times, prepared with the freshest ingredients at one of our regional culinary centers.
  • healthy food selections encouraged by The Right Choice… for a Healthier You™, dietitian-certified and managed program.
  • USConnectMe reward, loyalty and promotional program, conveniently accessible through the USConnectMe card or mobile app, is an advanced rechargeable cashless payment system that will earn employees redeemable loyalty points, free products, and let them decide which charity in your community their purchases will help support.
  • availability of employees' favorite items through our constant remote monitoring of sales and maintenance status of each machine.
  • coupon-free, no-hassle monthly promotions and loyalty earnings available for tracking online, via email or through our mobile app.

Unattended Micro Markets

Featuring the USConnect® customized, self-checkout convenience store, Bistro to Go!™, USConnect® offers fully customizable micro markets through which our clients can enjoy fresh, healthy foods, snacks, beverages and convenience items at work. Payment are further made easy with our USConnect® mobile app.

Office Coffee

Featuring our very own blends of custom-roasted coffee, Route 66®. Our unique just-in-time roasting process and delivery method assure you of the freshest, most flavorful and aromatic coffees available.