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USConnect® is committed to transforming the food service industry. Doing so starts with the keen understanding that today′s workforce is mobile, dispersed, time-challenged, and seeking healthy (yet delicious) choices. Meeting those needs creatively and cost-effectively is where USConnect® excels.

How We Do It

At the core of our operations is innovation and continuous improvement. We seek out opportunities to offer our national clients not just more, but better, choices in food service. From greater selections of fresh food, special diets, locally-sourced and organic options to our signature health and wellness programs that challenge employees to make The Right Choice for themselves and the Earth, our ability to meet the changing demands of the at-work environment stays flexible.

Technology powers our efficiencies, which enables us to provide industry-leading benefits to our clients, some of which include the following:

  • the nation′s only integrated wireless network.
  • multiple cashless payment options (including smartphone payments, credit/debit card acceptance, Apple Pay, Google Pay, pre-paid accounts, payroll deduction, and mobile app).
  • loyalty program (USConnectMe) which provides real-time promotions and instant account management.
  • ongoing, verifiable savings through the use of our ENERGY STAR-certified machines.
  • consistent stocking levels of favorite foods and snacks, ensured by our dynamic merchandising and route scheduling which helps us operate at the highest level of efficiency and monitor stocking levels in our machines.

Chief among our groundbreaking services is the USConnectMe loyalty program, which offers revolutionary options to our clients, rewarding them for their purchases and providing the unprecedented opportunity for manufacturer-sponsored promotions in the workplace all while donating to your favorite charity.

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