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USConnect® is a consortium of industry-leading independent food service companies across the United States. Together, USConnect® member companies provide outstanding quality fresh foods, consistent service, and state-of-the-art technology and programs to their corporate food service clients.

Nationwide Corporate Food Service Standards Ensure Consistency

USConnect® was founded to fill a need in the marketplace - a need for nationwide corporate food service standards and services that are both consistent and exceptional. Our service standards and very rigorous requirements of affiliates ensure that we are always delivering outstanding quality fresh foods, healthy choices in the workplace, eco-friendly equipment (ENERGY STAR- certified), and an integrated network - all managed through our industry-leading technology.

Rigorous Membership Qualifications Assure Excellence

USConnect® is not a trade association and membership is not open; we are a very selective group of the very best food service companies in the nation. Affiliates who qualify are carefully selected, screened, and invited to go through a membership review which includes verification of quality standards, service standards, review of internal systems and controls, auditing of financial records, and ability to accept and implement our state of the art technology. Only after meeting the rigorous membership qualifications will a company be admitted to USConnect®.


USConnect® is part of the GlobalConnect® Network, servicing all of North America. GlobalConnect is the world’s fastest-growing technology, loyalty rewards, and payment services company in the food service industry. Learn more here.