High Tech Food Service Powered By USConnect®

USConnect® is America's only nationwide wireless integrated food service network. USConnect® provides only the highest quality fresh food through customized dining services and corporate catering, smart vending machines, unattended micro markets, and office coffee services. Comprised of the industry's leading independent food service firms, USConnect® provides its clients with the very latest in employee food service options and its proprietary loyalty and promotional program—all while serving the freshest, healthiest foods designed to meet your company's demanding food service needs.

USConnectMe Is Redefining Loyalty And Rewards

USConnectMe, our innovative loyalty, rewards and promotional program, is offered in conjunction with our nationwide cashless payment systems. Developed by USConnect®, this industry-leading program revolutionizes corporate foodservice and enables our client companies to enjoy benefits that follow them wherever they go. USConnectMe accounts, cards and app can be used at all your company locations, as well as at any of our connected points of sale nationwide.

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