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Joining the USConnect® family of companies means more than simply joining a consortium of independent food service firms - it means reaching new heights, greater sales, more efficient operations, and being recognized as a leader within the industry.

Benefits of Joining

Affiliate members of USConnect® enjoy the following benefits:

  • affiliating with the leading US purchasing co-op
  • access to our professional management team
  • assistance implementing our optimized delivery and shared services model
  • savings through our industry-leading technology partnerships
  • special promotions with national brands
  • nationwide customer service support for the USConnectMe loyalty program, our proprietary customer loyalty card and mobile app
  • geographically specific, national account regions
  • the opportunity to collaborate with other top independent food service companies

Leading with Technology

USConnect® is known for being an early adopter of technology that improves our systems, services and offerings. We actively partner with the strategic suppliers who shape technology that will revolutionize the industry. Some of the technology we offer our affiliate members (and clients) includes:

  • dynamic route scheduling
  • wireless, integrated network
  • multiple cashless vending options
  • loyalty cards
  • mobile app
  • pre-paid accounts
  • payroll deduction
  • ENERGY STAR-certified machines

USConnect® operates at the very highest levels of quality, service, and efficiency—streamlining your operations and maximizing your profits. For more information about joining USConnect, Contact Us, or review How We Select Our Members.

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