USConnect is pleased to announce that we have selected USA Technologies, Inc.(NASDAQ: USAT), (″USAT″), for the provision of our cashless payment services. USA Technologies is a leader of wireless, cashless payment and M2M telemetry solutions for small-ticket, self-serve retailing industries.

″The goal of USConnect is to facilitate, in a leadership role, the modernization of the vending and food-service industry through cashless payment, wireless telemetry, and the value-added capabilities that a connected base of self-serve terminals can provide—both now and in the future,″ said Jeff Whitacre, chief executive officer and founder of USConnect. ″Technology that connects people, information, and machinery is changing the landscape in the self-serve retail market, and our industry needs to embrace it. We believe it′s time to re-engage the consumer and disrupt the traditional business model.″

″USConnect is taking this assertive step with USAT because we′re confident that a cashless payment and telemetry platform can deliver immense value to businesses like ours—and USAT has played a huge part in that educational process since the beginning,″ continued Whitacre. ″We value the reliability and flexibility of their service and their commitment to innovative technologies, services, and programs that are good for business and the industry at large. We look forward to influencing the vending and food-service industry in a positive way with USAT.″

″We are pleased to see USConnect, on behalf of its members, take a prominent role in the transformation of the vending industry,″ said Stephen P. Herbert, chairman and chief executive officer of USA Technologies.\" Our business is based on the fundamental view that the self-serve retail industry as a whole has tremendous potential to increase revenues and consumer engagement by making the transition to cashless payment. With cashless adoption in its early stages, customers like USConnect and its members are clearly positioned to take early advantage.″